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SOOP was born out of a frustration at finding a hot, fresh and tasty meal on the go. Most of the quick meal options available were full of fat, carbohydrates and calories, so I started making my own fresh noodle soups. Some of my colleagues noticed and asked where they could get them, so I started to make soups for them and SOOP was born.

All of SOOP’s instant noodle soups are freshly made, with no freeze-dried or processed ingredients which are, wherever possible, locally-sourced - the beef's from Bowland, the chicken's from Cheshire and the pak choi's from Preston.

The fresh ingredients are packed in a recyclable tub - simply add boiling water to create a quick, fresh, tasty meal.

I really hope you enjoy eating them as much as I enjoy making them.

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SOOP Unit 2 Naval Street, Manchester, M4 6AX

E-mail: | Tel: 0161 408 1800

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